Together, we are building more inclusive and sustainable media practices.

Sunny Mind creates non-fiction films and social action documentaries. We also teach media skills to build power with non-profits, groups, and small businesses -- teaching you or your group the tools and processes to create on your own.

All of Sunny Mind's media practices align with a set of core values.

We  make  movies -

We also take pictures and create graphics

Sunny Mind creates non-fiction narrative movies: films for museums and parks, and social action documentaries for community organizations and social causes.

Sunny  Mind  offers  media  trainings and  workshops -

  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Digital Graphics

We train you on gear that works best for your needs, budget and project. Tech support is included: we work with you to ensure the highest level of success. 


  • Producing content that inspires positive social action with one other, communities, and the environment
  • Creating a more-equal, more-safe, and responsible space for collaboration and learning
  • Practicing sustainability with our clients, ourselves, and the environment 

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